P.J. Torokvei

P.J. Torokvei is the founding Steward of Spirit Bear Art Farm. Her vision has been to create a sanctuary and a place of inspiration for artists and writers. After a long career in show business she now enjoys "farming" and walking with Bear. She divides her time between the farm and her home in Los Angeles.

The Ghostbear

The Ghostbear is a 9 year old Great Pyrenees. He has been the guiding teacher in residence at Spirit Bear Art Farm for the past 7 years. During that time Ghostbear has walked award winning poets, screenwriters, composers, song writers, ethicists, professors, as well as world class meditation teachers, photographers, artists, psychotherapists, inventors and chefs from all over the world. Each one he has treated with dignity and respect and brought them into a way of seeing the world and themselves as a part of the wonder and beauty of worlds seen and not seen. He welcomes visitors by appointment only. He is the creator and developer of Follow Your Dog and Creating Strong Medicine. See him at www.followyourdog.com He invites you to walk with him.

John L. Hart, Ph.D.

Dr. John L. Hart, Ph.D. has been a practicing psychotherapist for over 40 years and a teacher and student of healing and wellness practices throughout the world.

For many years, John taught the Basic Clinical Practices course in self-care for psychotherapists at the National Child Advocacy Center in the United States for therapists involved in treatment of child sexual abuse and advanced psychotherapy practices in Norway at Samlivssenteret. John is presently an adjunct associate professor at the University of Victoria and the Executive Director of the Spirit Bear Art Farm. He is the author of Follow Your Dog: Finding Your Way to Spirit, Heart and Health and Creating Strong Medicine.

The idea is to preserve and steward this historic farm as a place that ‘Grows Art’.

As a place, this old farm is 103 extraordinary acres of green grassy flowered meadow, huge stones, rocky headlands and dense forest at the edge of the Salish Sea on Vancouver Island. Here, the moving tides and waves and wind and weather constantly recreates the shoreline.

The seasons bring migrations of birds that add their songs to the music of the winds in the gigantic trees on the property. Cougars and bears and deer roam through the property on ancestral paths as hawks, eagles, giant vultures and ravens prowl the sky. Along the nine different beaches on the property gulls, oystercatchers, kingfishers and great blue herons streak and dive through the sky.

The experience of Spirit Bear Art Farm is intended to be one that brings together art, spirit, creativity and healing.