Jacob Evald Moreno was honored in being designated a new Steward of SpiritBearArtFarm this past August in an all day ceremony and celebration. Jacob has been coming to the farm since he was 6 years old. He has participated in the building of the land, the conservation of the ponds, the annual beach cleanups, and the care and nurture of the animals that share the land. He has seen the building of The Stones, the Meditation Walk and the various paths and resting places. Jacob helped in the planting and watering of the many new trees on the property and the restoration of native plants at the Big Pond and was part of the building of the new Art Studio. In addition to ecology and conservation, Jacob is deeply interested in Apple computer technology, film and music. He is an avid kayaker and bodysurfer.

Jacob received his honorary Stewards knife following the ceremony at the yurt and the subsequent Medicine Tree quest. He composed and read a poem to the other Stewards of SpiritBearArtFarm and with his permission the poem is printed here.

The Farm

The Wind crosses my face
So thin so warm feels like lace
We kayak through the open water
Marine life greeting us as we soar.
The grass whispers beneath my feet
The Yert welcomes you in for a seat
The pond is full of spectualcar frogs
But we can’t see them anymore because of the fog
The Fog kisses your faces and hugs your ears
The Dog protects us from our fears
All the beaches have lost treasure for us to find
The Two beaches welcome us to dive
The feeling on our skin the feeling so great
The feeling so fine
The Sunsets explode in the sky while all the seguls fly
A burst of colors explode in the sky and then the sun disappers, for the night
All the creatures step out into the moonlight and walk along the roof of a house.
And then PEACOCK Peacock. You awake in a shock. And then remember. Oh those peacocks
All the colors seem to gather here
Bringing new life. New generations.
Old things that have been forgotten are found here.
Birds gather, All animals meet. Everyone is getting out for the evening walk.
And although some animals are not here to join us tonight they are here with us in spirit. They will move along with us. They are watching.
And I go to sleep knowing everything is also asleep with me. And everything on this land protects us.
The Farm is my inspiration. And what I enjoy doing every summer. Thank You Land.