"Having the opportunity to photograph the grounds at the Farm was a wonderful experience; enchanting. Meandering, rolling hills down to pebble beaches; ocean swells shattering calm seas down at your feet - with old growth forest giants stalking you the whole way. John and Bear were wonderful guides introducing me to some of the secrets and stories of the land and I'll cherish the time I spent there."

- Cody Graham  photographer March 2010

"We love the farm and most of all our hosts!! Spirit Bear has been a source of inspiration and a place of recharging with positive energy for many years now. Last year, while kayaking, fishing, eating, sleeping, drinking wine, practicing yoga, dancing, and etc at Spirit Bear, we created & preproduced (via Skype & email only) a whole new project -- a worldwide music video for the Pet Shop Boys "Together", which you are welcome to view here:


We look forward back to returning to Spirit Bear again & again!"

- Peeter & Märt :)

Spirit Bear Art Farm visits are by appointment only except for scheduled Art Tours or Openings and all facilities are on privately held land. Please respect the privacy of the artists who are in residence.

Persons interested in learning more about Spirit Bear Art Farm or who would like to make arrangements to visit the farm should contact us here.